A downloadable Prototype for Windows

Path of Shadows is a student project created at Universitat Pompeu Fabra by David León, Álvaro Muñoz, Eduard Soler, Enrique Sánchez and Albert Castillo. 

You can check the author's portfolio at www.thepathofshadows.com or check the new games in development by some of the original authors at www.linceworks.com

A Dark Tale

A mysterious goddess locked in a guarded temple. A strange warrior back from the dead. A dangerous journey full of blood and secrets.

Control The Shadows

You are the perfect assassin. Manipulate the shadows at your will. Create new shadows and move instantly between them as you silently hunt your enemies.

Next Gen

The unique world and art style of Path of Shadows comes alive with a next gen custom engine. Experience it with support for Full HD resolutions and Nvidia 3D Vision.

Install instructions

Please check the included ReadMe!


PoSp_setup.1.exe 237 MB